Prof.dr. O. Jensen Person

Prof.dr. O. Jensen

Expertise Neuronal Oscillations
Expertise (NL) Neuronal Oscillations
Addition Bijzonder hoogleraar vanwege de Stichting B├Ęta Plus (UvA)
Head of research group Neuronal Oscillations
Grants/prizes NWO-Vici 2010; NWO-Vidi 2003

Active as

Organisation Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (RU)
Chair (EN) Neuronal oscillations
Chair (NL) Neuronal oscillations
Phone +31-24-3610884
Email ole. jensen -at- donders. ru. nl
Extraordinary professor
Organisation Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences - SILS (UvA)
Chair (EN) Human Cognition
Chair (NL) Humane cognitie

Current research

Completed research projects


D23231 Neurology

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