Prof.dr. G.P.J. Keijsers

Expertise Anxiety disorders; Burn out; Non-specific therapy factors (therapeutic relation, motivation)
Expertise (NL) Angststoornissen; Burnout; Non-specifieke therapie factoren (therapeutische relatie, motivatie, motivering)
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/119758539
Addition Seniorlid Onderzoekschool EPP

Active as

Associate professor
Organisation Department of Clinical Psychology (RU)
Phone +31-24-3615626
Email g. keijsers -at- psych. ru. nl
Organisation Behavioural Science Institute - BSI (RU)
Extraordinary professor
Organisation Department of Clinical Psychological Science (UM)
Chair (EN) Psychological treatments
Chair (NL) Psychologische behandelingen ihb tbv specialistische beroepsopleiding tot Klinisch Psycholoog
Phone +31-43-3881607
Email ger. keysers -at- maastrichtuniversity. nl


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Current research

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Co-supervisor Manipulation of implicit cognitive processes in the treatment of unwanted habits

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