KNAW E.R. Valstar
Person E.R. Valstar

Expertise Biomechanics, Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis (RSA), minimally invasive refixation loosened prostheses
Expertise (NL) Biomechanica, Röntgen Stereofotogrammetrische Analyse (RSA), minimaal invasieve refixatie losse prothesen
Addition Adjunct-hoogleraar Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Grants/prizes NWO-Vidi 2007

Active as

Organisation Department of Orthopaedics (UL)
Chair (EN) Biomechanics and imaging of orthopaedic implants
Chair (NL) Biomechanica en beeldvorming van orthopedische implantaten
Phone +31-71-5262975
Email e. r. valstar -at- lumc. nl
Organisation Department of BioMechanical Engineering (TUD)
Chair (EN) Medical Instruments
Chair (NL) Medical Instruments
Phone +31-15-2789530
Email E. R. Valstar -at- tudelft. nl

Current research

Completed research projects


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