Dr. A.R.M. (Arne) Janssen

Expertise Food web interactions, intraguild predation, apparent competition, metapopulations, biolgocal control, predator-prey interactions, parental care, tritrophic and multitrophic interactions, antipredator behaviour, host-parasitoid interactions
Expertise (NL) Voedselweb-interacties, intraguild predatie, apparent competitie, metapopulaties, biologische bestrijding, predator-prooi interacties, tritrofe en multitrofe interacties, antipredator gedrag, parasiet-gastheer interacties
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/168171015
ISNI ISNI 0000 0003 9131 7187

Active as

Associate professor
Organisation Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (UvA)
Chair (EN) 1. Experimental analyses of spatial predator-prey interactions; 2. Experimental analysis of food web interactions among plant-inhabiting arthropods
Chair (NL) 1. Experimentele analyse van spatiƫle interacties tussen predatoren en prooien; 2. Experimentele analyse van interacties in voedselwebben van plantbewonende arthropoden
Phone +31-20-5257751
Email arne. janssen -at- uva. nl


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