Person J.D.F. Habbema

Expertise Medical decision making; Public health; Medical technology assessment; Clinical decision analysis; Tropical disease control; Simulation models; Disease control programmes; Cost-effectiveness; Quality of life; Microsimulation; Early detection; Prospective evaluation
Expertise (NL) Medische besliskunde; Volksgezondheid; Medische technologie; Klinische besliskunde; Tropische ziekten; Simulatiemodellen; Ziektebestrijdingsprogramma's
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/068417853

Active as

Professor emeritus
Organisation Department of Public Health (EUR)
Chair (EN) Medical decision sciences
Chair (NL) Medische besliskunde
Email j. d. f. habbema -at- erasmusmc. nl


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Completed research projects


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