Prof.dr. J.H.J. Hoeijmakers

Prof.dr. J.H.J. Hoeijmakers

Expertise (Molecular and medical) genetics; Molecular biology; (Molecular) cell biology; (Molecular) basis of carcinogenesis and ageing; (Molecular) basis of the biological clock; Genetic (in)stability; Chromosomal (in)stability; DNA damage and its consequences ; DNA repair systems; Mechanisms and biological impact for cancer research and research in the area of ageing; DNA repair syndromes in man: Xeroderma pigmentosum; Cockayne syndrome; Trichothiodystrophy; Mouse models for human inherited defects and for the biological clock
Expertise (NL) (Moleculaire- en medische) genetica; Moleculaire biologie; (Moleculaire) celbiologie; (Moleculaire) basis van kanker en veroudering; (Moleculaire) basis van de biologische klok; Genetische stabiliteit; Chromosomale (in)stabiliteit; DNA beschadiging en gevolgen; DNA reparatie mechanismen en het belang voor kankeronderzoek; Onderzoek naar de oorzaak van veroudering; DNA reparatie syndromen bij de mens; Xeroderma pigmentosum; Cockayne syndroom; Trichothiodystrofie; Muismodellen voor humane erfelijke ziekten en de biologische klok
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/068810830
ISNI ISNI 0000 0003 9834 0531
KNAW member Science Division
Addition Chairman of the board of the section 'Nucleic Acids' of the division of Chemical Sciences of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (member since 1993, chairman 1996); Member of the scientific advisory board of the section of Cell Genetics of the division of Medical Sciences of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (1986-present); Member of scientific advisory board of the Dutch Cancer Society (1994-2001,presently chairman); Member scientific advisory com
Grants/prizes NWO - Spinozapremie 1998

Active as

Organisation Department of Genetics (EUR)
Chair (EN) Molecular genetics
Chair (NL) Moleculaire genetica
Phone +31-10-7043199
Email j. hoeijmakers -at- erasmusmc. nl


Current research

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Project leader The Role of DNA Damage and Repair in Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

Completed research projects


D21400 Genetics
D23120 Oncology

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