Dr. B.J. Scholte

Expertise Cell biology; Molecular biology; Gene therapy with non-viral delivery systems; Nuclear transport of viral and plasmid DNA; Making and characteristing animal models for human disease (cystic fibrosis); Lung development; Lung pathogenesis; (Gene therapy of) Crigler-Najjar disease; Bladder cancer.
Expertise (NL) Celbiologie; Moleculaire biologie; Gentherapie; Niet-virale vectorsystemen; Synthetische vector delivery systemen in vivo; Nucleair transport van viraal en plasmide DNA; Muismodellen voor cystische fibrose; Longontwikkeling; Long-pathogenese; (Gentherapie van) Crigler-Najjar disease; Blaaskanker;
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/068815204
ISNI ISNI 0000 0003 9841 0165
Addition Groepsleider|Coordinator 'Model Systems', European CF Network (5th framework concerted action); Coördinator gentherapie, Medisch Genetisch Centrum Zuid-West Nederland

Active as

Organisation Department of Cell Biology (EUR)
Phone +31-10-4087205


Current research

Completed research projects

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Researcher New methods for gene transfer
Project leader Gene-therapy


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