Dr. E.J.W. Visser Person

Dr. E.J.W. Visser

Expertise Plant Ecology, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant-Environment Interactions, Root systems of plants, Flooding of plants, Nutrient acquisition of plants
Expertise (NL) Plantenecologie, Ecofysiologie van planten, Interacties omgeving-plant, Wortelstelsels van planten, Overstroming van planten, Nutriëntenverwerving van planten
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/14277457X

Active as

Assistant Professor
Organisation Experimental Plant Ecology (RU)
Phone +31-24-3653382
Email eric. visser -at- science. ru. nl


Completed research projects


D22400 Ecology
D22500 Botany

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