Persoon R.H. Wijffels

Lopende onderzoeksactiviteiten

(de meest recente activiteit is bovenaan geplaatst)
Promotor Dynamics of cholorplast metabolism in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Promotor Antibody Cell Cultivation and Screening System (ACCESS).
Promotor Systems Biology of microalgae as photosynthetic platform for tailored production of chemical building blocks and biomass
Promotor Lipid production in Phaeodactylum tricornutum
Promotor Cellular mechanisms underlying product quality aspects of a biosimilar antibody
Promotor AlgaePro4you Foodprotein isolation from algae
Onderzoeker Soft Magnetic Matter for Smart Separations
Promotor Cultivation and product recovery concepts with Botryococcus braunii
Projectleider AlgaePARC
Promotor Soft magnetic matter for smart separation
Promotor Screening, testing and optimising algal species on growth and product productivity using different nutrient feedstocks
Promotor Productivity of antenna mutants in microalgae mass culture
Promotor Microalgae as photosynthetic cell factories for biofuel production
Promotor Development of a fermentation process to produce C3-acids from lignocellulose feedstock
Promotor Selection of native microalgae strains and optimization of the lipid productivity
Projectleider Selection of native microalgae strains and optimization of the lipid productivity
Promotor Proteins form Green Sources: Development of a mild, continuous and scalable technology for protein extraction while keeping its functionality and minimizing the energy requirements
Promotor Production of PMO with oleaginous yeasts
Promotor Optimization of microalgal biomass and lipid production in flat panel photobioreactors under outdoor climate conditions aiming biofuels production
Promotor Optimization of growth and production of hydrocarbons and polysaccharides for the green microalgae Botryococcus braunii
Promotor Disruption of single cell biomass as a first step in the recovery of intracellular metabolites
Promotor Design of a low-cost biofilm-based-photobioreactor for CO2 capture and algal biomass production
Promotor Performance of outdoor photobioreactors at pilot scale.
Projectleider Refining of microalgae
Promotor Emerald oils: Food-grade oil from microalgae.
Promotor Increased production of pigments in micro algae.
Promotor Microalgae to recycle nutrients from urine and UASB-digested blackwater
Promotor Maximization of photosynthetic efficiency
Promotor Optimization of lipid production in micro algae
Promotor For efficient, robust and flexible algae plants; an advanced scenariostudy approach.
Promotor Carbon dioxide supply to photobioreactors: a biological approach.
Projectleider Photosynthetic cell factories

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