Prof.dr. J.T. Zuilhof

Prof.dr. J.T. Zuilhof

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Supervisor Modified nanowires for biosensing.
Project leader Modified nanowires for biosensing.
Supervisor Getting a grip on micorbial sialic acids in the human gut
Researcher DeMIR - Design of micro/milli-reactors for large scale processing
Supervisor Profiles of (masked) mycotoxins using suspension and planar array technologies.
Supervisor Immobilization of organocatalysts in continuous flow microreactors.
Supervisor Immobilization of organocatalysts in continuous flow microreactors
Supervisor Bio-functionalization of porous alumin oxide for targeted capture and growth of microbes
Supervisor Chemistry in bloom: elucidating the transition to flowering in plants
Project leader Throwing DARTs at a surface: Fast and quantitative analysis of organic surface reactions
Supervisor Enhanced bioresolution and miniaturization of Surface Plasmon Resonance optical sensing
Supervisor Speeding up quality control of traditional Chinese medicine by the application of microreactors.
Supervisor Wetting/dewetting control on wafer and wafer chuck.
Supervisor Development of a novel microfluidic array-like sensor for biomarkers linked to human depression.
Supervisor Computational modelling of CO2-amine interactions
Supervisor Development of a universal sensor for allergens and biomarkers.
Supervisor Silicon nanoparticle in photo voltaic devices.
Supervisor Development of pre-treatment techniques for agricultural residues for economic amino acids and sugar production.
Supervisor Ganglioside fragment arrays for the detection of Guillain-BarréSyndrome.

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