KNAW F.A.J. van Den Bosch
Person F.A.J. van Den Bosch

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Supervisor Decision Making and Behavioral Strategy
Supervisor Stimulating Firm Innovativeness : Probing the Interrelations between Managerial and Organizational Determinants
Supervisor Strategic Timing and Proactiveness of Organizations
Supervisor Management Innovation: Studies of the role of Internal Change Agents
Supervisor Managing Entrepreneurial Orientation
Supervisor Essays on Upper Echelons & Strategic Renewal: A Multilevel Contingency Approach
Supervisor The Impact of Offshoring Strategies on Firm Performance: How do Innovation Absorptive Capacity and Firm Size Matter?
Supervisor Investigating Three Key Principles of Sustained Strategic Renewal
Supervisor Organizing for Ambidexterity: Studies on the Pursuit of Exploration and Exploitaiton through Differentiation, Integration, Contextual and Individual Attributes
Supervisor Diffusion of Corporate Governance Beliefs
Supervisor Exploratory Innovation: The role of organizational and Top Management Team Social Capital
Supervisor Strategic Renewal in Regulatory Environments:How Inter- and Intra-organisational Institutional Forces Influence European Incumbent Energy Firms
Supervisor Managing Corporate Ventures: Multi-level studies on project autonomy, integration, knowledge relatedness, and phases in the new business development process
Supervisor The Exploitation/Exploration trade-off: How to synchronize concurrent exploitation and exploration of knowledge? Strategy in the Internet Era: The added value of sound strategy theories and frameworks
Supervisor Journeys of strategic renewal : investigating strategic renewal trajectories of large European Financial services firms
Supervisor Corporate Governance and Strategic Renewal
Supervisor Ambidextrous Organizations. A Multiple-Level Study of Absorptive Capacity, Exploratory and Exploitative Innovation and Performance
Supervisor Strategic renewal of large European corporations in the financial services sector

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