Prof.dr. H.J. van den Herik

Prof.dr. H.J. van den Herik

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Supervisor Quantifying Individual Player Differences
Supervisor Statistical language models for alternative sequence selection
Project leader Monte-Carlo Go
Supervisor Fairness in Multi-Agent System
Researcher PHASAR/BioMeta - Mining Metabolite Data from Literature
Project leader AREX: An Auditor's Report Expert system
Project leader TIELT: Testbed for Integrating and Evaluating Learning Techniques
Project leader IPOL: Intelligence Led Policin
Project leader Enhanced Situated Awareness (Bsik project)
Supervisor Software agents, surveillance, and the right to privacy: a legislative framework for agent-enabled surveillance
Supervisor Intelligence led policing: An effective law enforcement strategy or a threat to civil liberties and the principles of criminal law?
Project leader Reading Images for the Cultural Heritage - RICH
Project leader NOC*NSF: mining training data
Project leader EMMI third trajectory
Supervisor AI techniques for the game of Go
Supervisor Informed Search in Complex Games
Supervisor NIM: A situated computational memory model
Supervisor Situated representation
Supervisor Police and the new international information market. Border regional police data exchange and digital expertise
Supervisor Model education: model controled education, a step to abstract thinking, especially for girls
Supervisor Pro-active Medical Information Retrieval
Supervisor Adaptive Active Vision
Project leader Decision-making processen as information chains
Supervisor Automated contract formation
Project leader Pattern-based machine learning in Go
Project leader Information gathering from distributed databases using multiple agents
Project leader Pattern recognition in chess using unsupervised learning
Supervisor Legal information systems and how to find the truth in Dutch civil law cases
Project leader Structure and content of judicial legitimacy in the perspective of virtualization of jurisdiction
Supervisor NOSCE HOSTEM: Searching with Opponent Models

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