Prof.dr. M.J.A. Penninx

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Project leader Cities for Local Integration Policies (CLIP)
Project leader Moroccan elderly and Care
Supervisor Something for everyone? Changes and choices in the ethno-party scene in urban nightlife
Project leader Transfer of protection status in the EU
Project leader The second and third generations of Dutch Eurasians: A qualitative investigation of ethnic processes and integration
Project leader Feasibility study for an international comparative empirical project on the second generation of immigrants in Europe and the USA
Project leader Immigrants and ethnic minorities in European cities: Life-courses and quality of life in a world of limitations
Project leader Caught between Scylla and Charydbis? Changing orientations of migrant organisations in the era of national states, 1880-2000
Project leader Structural and socio-cultural integration of immigrants in welfare states
Co-supervisor Transnational Migrant Politics in the Netherlands. Historical Structures and Current Events
Supervisor Navigating Borders. Inside perspectives on the process of human smuggling into the Netherlands
Project leader International Migration: processes, interventions, consequences
Researcher Migration and regional linkage: impacts and policy implications
Supervisor Access and drop-out among immigrant students in higher education
Project leader Social demographic research among the Jews in the Netherlands
Supervisor A long-term analysis of the development of migrant organisations and the 'political opportunity structure' in two European cities
Project leader Theory and practice of policy interventions in migration processes
Project leader Multicultural policies and modes of citizenship in European cities (MPMC)
Supervisor The political and administrative developments regarding the Turkish contract clothing industry in Amsterdam, 1975-1997
Supervisor Labour migration from Turkey to Western Europe (1960-1974): an analytical study of a migration and its impacts

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