Prof.dr. H. Elffers


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Supervisor The Reputable Bystander: The Role of Reputation in Activating or Deactivating Bystanders
Supervisor The X-factor. Can calibration explain the high crash risk of young novice drivers?
Supervisor Guardianship in Action: A theoretical & empirical elaboration of the routine activity concept. A theoretical & empirical elaboration of the routine activity concept
Project leader Social barriers
Project leader Violence crimes in spatial context, multiple level analysos of spatial units
Project leader Infectiousness of housebreaking
Project leader Citizens in the role of judges
Project leader Spatial influence in the criminology
Supervisor Differential validity of sensitive data
Supervisor Legal analysis of judicial enforcements
Project leader Dilapidation of the neightbourhoods
Researcher Reaction of potential criminals on less police attention
Project leader Influence of neighbourhood characteristics on criminality : Haaglanden project
Project leader Mobility and the distribution of crime
Project leader Relocation theory
Project leader Movements effects of highway robbery intervention
Project leader Transnational crime & the interface between legal and illegal actors
Researcher Distribution and relocation of criminality
Project leader Geographical Offender Profiling
Supervisor Local media, local criminality and interventions of the local government
Project leader The relationship between co-offending and the selection of targets and 'journey-to-crime'
Supervisor Determinants of un(safety)feelings : a law-psychological study to the perception of safety and unsafety in the urban neighbourhood

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