Prof.dr. D.L. van Knippenberg

Prof.dr. D.L. van Knippenberg


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Supervisor Behavioral Strategy: Strategic consensus, power and networks
Supervisor Demystifying Visionary Leadership
Supervisor Diversity and Creativity: In Search of Synergy
Supervisor Morality in Interactions: On the Display of Moral Behavior by Leaders and Employees
Supervisor Exploring Coworker Relationships
Supervisor People, Politics, and Innovation: A Process Perspective
Supervisor The Dark Side of Leadership: The Role fo Self-Fefinition and Power in Determining Leader Self-Serving Behaviors
Supervisor Servant-Leadership: Paradox or Diamond in the Rough
Supervisor Nationality Heterogeneity and Interpersonal Relationships at Work
Supervisor Leader Affect and Leadership Effectiveness - How leader affective displays influence follower outcomes
Project leader Affect and Emotions in Organizational Behavior: RecentDevelopments and Future Directions
Supervisor Leader Empowering Behavior: The Leader's Perspective
Supervisor Managing Dreams and Ambitions
Supervisor Goal Orientation in Teams: The Role of Diversity
Supervisor The Use of Distributed Information in Decision Making Groups
Supervisor Taking the Lead; The Role of Affect in Leadership Effectiveness
Supervisor Group composition and group performance: the categorization-elaboration model
Project leader Dissemination of Information in Group Decision Making: The role of Social and Epistemic Motivation
Supervisor Distributed Information and Group Decision Making: Effects of Diversity and Affect
Supervisor Imitation in Creative Task Performance

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