Prof.dr. G.M. Schippers

Prof.dr. G.M. Schippers

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Project leader BIOMED - Baseline predictors of treatment outcome in Internet-based alcohol interventions: A recursive partitioning analysis alongside a randomized trial
Project leader Benchmark Lifestyle Addiction Care
Researcher Smoking and a history of depression: Study of the effectiveness of a smoking-cessation intervention consisting of couseling-by-telephone and a self-help work file for smokers with a history of depression
Supervisor E-mental health interventions for harmful alcohol use: research methods and outcomes
Project leader in everyday practice: test-implementation of an on-line self-help site for problem drinkers within different settings
Supervisor From cram care to professional care: from handing out methadone to proper nursing care in methadone maintenance treatment. An action research into the development of nursing care in outpatient methadone maintenance clinics in the Netherlands
Project leader Development specifications for measuring of patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment
Supervisor Routine outcome monitoring and learning organizations in substance abuse treatment
Project leader Physicians application of brief interventions for patients with excessive alcohol consumption and smoking habits in a general hospital
Project leader Community Reinforcement Approach and Vouchers in Cocaine Dependence: Development and preliminary Testing of a Dutch Cocaine Treatment Protocol
Project leader Evaluation and implementation of guidelines for matching and referral in addiction treatment centres in The Netherlands
Project leader Evaluation of implementation of evidence based treatment methods in Dutch addiction treatment centres
Project leader The neurobiology, psychophysiology and clinical characteristics of distinct pathways to craving in alcoholics
Project leader Development of an intake instrument assessing patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment
Supervisor Brief intervention for problem drinking among hospital patients
Supervisor The comparative effectiveness of behavioral couple therapy in the treatment of alcohol use disorder
Project leader Innovative care and treatment of drug addicts: implementation effective social care methods with the aid of consensus directives
Supervisor Motivation for change in the addiction: studies in assessment

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