Dr. K.B. Zwart


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Researcher Making a research agenda for the application of grass from road side verges etc. in a biobased economy
Researcher INNOFER - innovative products from by-products and wastes
Researcher Tool development for sustainability assessment
Project leader BIOCHAR - Climate saving soils
Researcher Analyse van de milieukundige consequenties van covergisten van dierlijke mest (NL)
Project leader Sub-Soil Compaction in Dutch Agricultural Soils and its effect on production and surface water quality
Researcher Susainable use of soils: the impact of measurements on the soil functions
Researcher Converting City Waste into Compost (Great Lakes Nations: pilot Nairobi)
Researcher Development sustainability index Co digestion animal manure with byproducts
Researcher Converting City Waste into Compost (Great Lakes Nations - pilot Nairobi)
Researcher Nutrients Waterproof
Project leader Nitrogen loss routes Meterik-Vredepeel
Project leader Sustainable Soil Use (DiaBOLO)
Project leader Environmental impact of co-fermentation
Researcher Use of fertilizer nitrogen in winter period
Project leader Soil fertility management for sustainable crop production in organic and conventional farming systems
Researcher Long term nitrogen fertilizer value
Researcher Composition-based estimates of the nitrogen fertilizer replacement value of manures
Project leader The fate of Nitrogen-residue: experimental
Project leader STONE model instrumentation
Project leader Measurements of denitrification and mineralisation

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