Prof.dr. Th. van Achterberg

Prof.dr. Th. van Achterberg

Lopende onderzoeksactiviteiten

(de meest recente activiteit is bovenaan geplaatst)
Promotor Home parenteral Nutrition: from prolonging to improving life
Promotor Much to gain in pain. Early and initial pain management in prehospital and hospital based emergency care
Promotor Delirium in intensive care patients; detection, impact, prediction, prevention and biomarkers
Projectleider Nursing classification and the reality of mental health care
Projectleider Implementation of evidence based practice in nursing: the relevance of organisations and teams.
Projectleider Implementation of systematic triage in emergency department in the Netherlands
Projectleider Nurse led follow-up care for head and neck cancer patients
Projectleider Enabling communication in adults with communication impairments
Projectleider Optimal care in children with a mitochondrial disease and their significant others.
Projectleider Recognition of cognitive disorders by observation
Promotor Fatigue in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Promotor IMPLEMENTING LIVELY LEGS Poliklinische en transmurale implementatie van het LIVELY LEGS programma voor leefstijlbegeleiding bij ulcus cruris patiƫnten
Projectleider HELPING HANDS - Comparing short-term and sustained effects of strategies to improve nurses' adherence with hand hygiene prescriptions
Promotor Strategies for improving community health care for the elderly
Projectleider SAFE OR SORRY? Development and testing of a evidence based inpatient safety program in the prevention of common complications
Promotor Between dream and sleep. Towards evidence based nursing care for sleep problems
Projectleider Geriatric intermediate care: haalbaarheid van toepassing door verpleegkundigen

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