KNAW B.J. Boersma
Persoon B.J. Boersma


Lopende onderzoeksactiviteiten

(de meest recente activiteit is bovenaan geplaatst)
Projectleider Development of truncated inviscid turbulence and the FPU-problem
Projectleider Study of droplet dynamics and turbulence modification in two-phase flows by means of DNS
Projectleider INFLUS (Active fluid control by functionalised material interface of complex geometry microchannels)
Projectleider STEP: Steps to turbulence: patterns in pipe flow
Projectleider Flotation and de-mixing of turbulent 3-phase flows
Projectleider The hemodynamics of vascular remodelling
Projectleider Investigation of complex flow patterns in a moving immersion lens droplet
Projectleider Fluid dynamics research on marine worms (Nereis diversicolor)
Projectleider Identification and modification of acoustic sources in a turbulent flow past past a cavity
Projectleider Development and application of volumetric velocity measurement techniques
Projectleider Parallelisation and optimization of a multi-phase code
Projectleider Simulation of a Realistic Industrial Burner
Projectleider Micro particle image velocimetry (µpiv) on endothelial cell cultures
Projectleider Fluorescence on a chip: optical flow diagnostics
Projectleider Experimental investigation of the sound produced by turbulent flows at various
Projectleider Nature-inspired micro-fluidic manipulation using
Projectleider Numerical analysis of the flow through the porous media in a concentric annular pipe
Projectleider Directe numerieke simulatie van olie-water mengsels met behulp van front capturing technieken
Onderzoeker Computing methods for free boundary problems
Projectleider Numerical simulation of turbulent flows in complex geometries
Projectleider Aèro-akoestische berekeningen

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