Ing. J. Janse

Ing. J. Janse


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Researcher Tussenbelichting met led's bij tomaat (NL)
Researcher Early cultivation cucumber under diffuse glass
Project leader Consultancy: Alternatives for thiram in tuberous- and leafy vegetables
Researcher The new lighting on tomato
Project leader Aanpak zwarte vaten in radijs (NL)
Project leader Vlekjes op gele courgettevruchten (NL)
Researcher Resilient substrate matrix
Researcher Het Nieuwe Telen aubergine
Project leader Prevention of tears in radishes
Researcher Consultancy: Internationale kennisoriƫntatie op overmatige wortelgroei (NL)
Researcher Diffuus licht voor tomaat (NL)
Researcher Het Nieuwe Telen courgette (NL)
Researcher Weak cells and Botrytis on tomato
Project leader Suitable root stocks for biologically grown tomato, cucumber and sweet peppers
Researcher New greenhouse cover for the new cultivation
Researcher Consultancy: Profitability lighting on lettuce
Researcher Rhizoctonia control in lettuce and radishes
Researcher Light utilization under led and SON-T
Researcher Tomatoes under LED
Researcher Maturation of tomato fruits, alternatives for ethrel
Researcher Diffuus licht, wat is de optimale verstrooiing (NL)
Researcher Consultancy: Black vascular bundles in radishes
Researcher Excessive root growth control
Project leader Suitable root stocks for biologically grown tomato, cucumber andsweet peppers.
Project leader Temperature limitations on tomato cultivation
Project leader Participation in network of growers of organic glasshouse vegetables.
Contact person Information network vegetable crops
Researcher Farmers network in the organic summer flowers
Project leader Knowledge network for organic culture of flowers in greenhouses
Project leader Seed production practical use of rootstock Sicyos angulatus for biologically grown cucumber.
Project leader Radiation-dependent temperature on marrows
Project leader Practical research temperature integration on lettuce and radishes

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