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Doctoral Thesis: Dietary folate intake: is there a need for folic acid fortification in the Netherlands?
Doctoral Thesis: Dynamics of food choice and sensory specific satiety
Doctoral Thesis: PPARα: master regulator of lipid metabolism im mouse and human : identification of hepatic PPARα target genes by expression profiling
Doctoral Thesis: Towards transparent development of food frequency questionnaires : scientific basis of the Dutch FFQ-TOOL tm: a computer system to generate, apply and process FFQs
Doctoral Thesis: Functional characterization of Angptl4 protein
Doctoral Thesis: Exploring the functionality of intestinal Bifidobacteria: a post-genomics approach
Doctoral Thesis: Moderate alcohol consumption, adiponectin, inflammation and type 2 diabetes risk : prospective cohort studies and randomized crossover trials
Doctoral Thesis: Will novel protein foods beat meat? : consumer acceptance of meat substitutes - a multidisciplinary research approach
Doctoral Thesis: Statistical applications in nutrigenomics : analyzing multiple genes and proteins in relation to complex diseases in humans
Doctoral Thesis: Milde vitamine B12 deficiëntie en het cognitief functioneren van ouderen : de effectiviteit van orale supplementen
Doctoral Thesis: Zuivelconsumptie, bloeddruk en hypertensie : observationele studies en interventieonderzoek
Doctoral Thesis: Functional analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1 : a proteomic approach
Doctoral Thesis: Social relationships and healthy ageing : epidemiological evidence for the development of a local intervention programme
Doctoral Thesis: Nutrigenomics in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells : the effects of fatty acids on gene expression profiles of human circulating cells as assessed in human intervention studies
Doctoral Thesis: Analysis of diversity and function of the human small intestinal microbiota

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