Communication in context. New directions in cancer communication research (2007)

Titel Communication in context. New directions in cancer communication research
Gepubliceerd in Hampton Press communication series, p.81-. ISSN 1-57273-683-6. ISBN 1-57273-682-8.
Auteur Bensing, J.; Dulmen, A.M. van; Tates, K.
Datum 2007
Trefwoord(en) doctor-patient communication, communication, doctors, patients, cancer, methods
Taal Engels
Type Boekdeel
Uitgever Hampton Press
Samenvatting Communication research is sometimes described as analyzing the black box of the doctor's healing power (Bensing, 2000; White, 1988), but, every now and then you get a flash which shows communication researchers analyzing this black box as if it was found in the bush after a plane crash: as an object in itself, completely devoid of the broader context of the medical dialogue. Most communication research has been exclusively focused on the dialogue between patient and doctor or nurse in itself, without taking account of its context. However, such a dialogue does not take place in a vacuum. There is a whole world surrounding it. Researchers too often seem to ignore both the context of the patient system and the context of the health care system which have so much to offer for understanding and interpreting the value of the medical dialogue. We strongly believe that this narrow focus blinds communication researchers to many relevant issues and hampers the progress of knowledge as well as the implementation of ,knowledge in clinical practice. Thus, the central statement in this chapter is: We have acquired enough knowledge in general of the value of communication skills. Now it is time to focus or attention to the study of specific contextual conditions that may broaden our knowledge and, may help, hinder, or complicate the application of this knowledge in everyday practice.
Persistent Identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:10-1874-22977
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Bron Universiteit Utrecht

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