Tropical food chains: Governance regimes for quality management (2007)

Title Tropical food chains: Governance regimes for quality management
Editor Ruben, R.; Boekel, van M.A.J.S.; Tilburg, van A.; Trienekens, J.H.
Date 2007
Reference(s) voedselkwaliteit, tropisch voedsel, tropisch fruit, voedselketens, kwaliteitszorg, ketenmanagement, agro-industriƫle ketens, Beheer van productieketens, food quality, tropical foods, tropical fruits, food chains, quality management, supply chain management, agro-industrial chains, Production Chain Management
Language English
Type Book
Publisher Wageningen Academic Publishers
Abstract International supply chains of vulnerable tropical food products face major problems in the fields of quality performance and coordination between supply chain partners. Degradation and variability of quality, segmentation of supply networks and scattered production by smallholder producers could severely hinder reliable deliveries at required standards. Concerted efforts for improving governance regimes and management practices are required to enhance supply chain performance. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the interfaces between market outlet choice, supply chain governance, quality management and value added distribution. Main attention is given to better incentives and transparency in contracts and bargaining procedures that could contribute to reduced transaction costs and risk, as well as techno-managerial strategies for improving both quality and value added. The editors present an integrated interdisciplinary framework for the simultaneous analysis of technical, managerial and socio-economic dimensions of international supply chain originating in developing countries. Selected case studies based on extensive field research highlight in Costa Rica (mango and pepper), Ivory Coast (pineapples), Kenya (fish), Ethiopia (dairy), Ghana (cocoa), India (cashew) and China (vegetables and pork) provide detailed insights in different options for enhancing integrated quality management and supply chain coordination.
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-353108
Metadata XML
Repository Wageningen University & Research Centre

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