Restructuring international food chains: Building sustainable... (2007)

Title Restructuring international food chains: Building sustainable and all-inclusive food chains at the primary stages
Author Kambewa, E.; Lans, van der I.A.; Trijp, van J.C.M.; Ingenbleek, P.T.M.; Tilburg, van A.; Boekel, van M.A.J.S.
Date 2007
Reference(s) Leerstoelgroep Marktkunde en consumentengedrag, Leerstoelgroep Productontwerpen en kwaliteitskunde, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Product Design and Quality Management Group
Language English
Type Conference paper
Abstract Although it is often acknowledged that effective inclusion of small-scale primary producers in international chains is crucial for alleviating poverty in developing countries, few insights exist about how to build sustainable and all-inclusive food chains especially those based on scarce natural resources. In order to address challenges that marketing and development policy and institutions as well as small-scale primary producers in the agro-ecological sector face in promoting sustainable practices, this paper focuses on the use of contracts. The paper investigates whether small-scale primary producers would engage in contracts that oblige them to implement sustainable and quality-improving practices and if so under what conditions. Results show that primary producers (fishermen in this study) are open to sustainability-quality enhancing contracts provided that such contracts also enhance their welfare and economic benefits. Implications for building sustainable and all-inclusive international marketing channels are discussed.
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-371846
Metadata XML
Repository Wageningen University & Research Centre

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