Final report project 'Technological and knowledge support for... (2010) Open access

Title Final report project 'Technological and knowledge support for white potato production and processing in the Philippines 2009-2010' : compilation of visit reports
Author Wustman, R.; Franke, A.C.; Haverkort, A.J.; Koesveld, van M.J.
Date 2010
Reference(s) PPO AGV Internationaal, PRI Agrosysteemkunde, PRI AGRO Toegepaste Plantenecologie, PPO AGV Internationaal, Agrosystems, PRI AGRO Toegepaste Plantenecologie
Language English
Type Report
Publisher Wageningen UR, Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving (Applied Plant Research) [etc.]
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-399030
Metadata XML
Repository Wageningen University & Research Centre

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