Gazing at places we have never been: landscape, heritage and... (2010) Open access

Title Gazing at places we have never been: landscape, heritage and identity: a comment on Jörg Rekittke and Philip Paar: 'Past pictures: landscape visualization with digital tools'
Published in The cultural landscape & heritage paradox: protection and development of the Dutch archaeological-historical landscape and its European dimension, p.321-327. ISBN 9789089641557.
Author R. van der Laarse
Date 2010
Language English
Type Book part
Publisher Amsterdam University Press
Abstract Acknowledging the paradigmatic impact of new digital techniques, this contribution questions the depoliticized conceptualization of landscape in modern landscape visualizations from a theoretical and historical perspective. Long after the earlier periods of formal gardening and landscaping, the present-day heritage focus on landscapes is looked upon as the real shift in the perception of landscapes, representing an appropriation by tourists and other groups of people without any historical connection to their history and nature.
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:29-367643
Metadata XML
Repository University of Amsterdam

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