McCarthy variations in a modal key (2011)

Title McCarthy variations in a modal key
Published in Artificial intelligence, Vol. 175, No. 1, p.428-439. ISSN 00043702.
Author J. van Benthem
Date 2011
Type Article
Abstract We take a fresh look at some major strands in John McCarthy's work from a logician's perspective. First, we re-analyze circumscription in dynamic logics of belief change under hard and soft information. Next, we re-analyze the regression method in the Situation Calculus in terms of update axioms for dynamic–epistemic temporal logics. Finally, we draw some general methodological comparisons between ‘Logical AI’ and practices in modal logic, pointing at some creative tensions.
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Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:29-368958
Metadata XML
Repository University of Amsterdam

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