Change Impact Analysis for SysML Requirements Models based on... (2009)

Title Change Impact Analysis for SysML Requirements Models based on Semantics of Trace Relations
Author Hove, ten David; Göknil, Arda; Kurtev, Ivan; Berg, van den Klaas; Goede, de Koos
Editor Oldevik, J.; Olsen, G. K.; Neple, T.; Kolovos, D.
Date 2009-06-23
Type Conference object
Publisher Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente
Abstract Change impact analysis is one of the applications of requirements traceability in software engineering community. In this paper, we focus on requirements and requirements relations from traceability perspective. We provide formal definitions of the requirements relations in SysML for change impact analysis. Our approach aims at keeping the model synchronized with what stakeholders want to be modeled, and possibly implemented as well, which we called as the domain. The differences between the domain and model are defined as external inconsistencies. The inconsistencies are propagated for the whole model by using the formalization of relations, and mapped to proposed model changes. We provide tool support which is a plug-in of the commercial visual software modeler BluePrint.
Persistent Identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:28-67512
Metadata XML
Repository University of Twente

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