Considering Leadership Climate Strength: Affective Commitment Within... (2010)

Title Considering Leadership Climate Strength: Affective Commitment Within Supermarkets in Central Europe
Published in Small Group Research. ISSN 1046-4964.
Author Sanders, Karin; Geurts, Peter; Riemsdijk, van Maarten
Date 2010
Type Article
Publisher SAGE Publications
Abstract Using data from 5,695 employees in 345 supermarkets in Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, the authors examined whether leadership climate strength (LCS), defined as the shared perceptions of employees concerning their supervisors, is related to employees’ affective commitment (AC) to the supermarket and to colleagues. In addition, the authors examined if LCS moderates the relationship between the individual perceptions of the supervisor and AC. Two-level analyses (supermarket and employee) showed that LCS has an added effect for both foci of AC in that LSC strengthens the relationship between individual perceptions and AC to the supermarket.
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Persistent Identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:28-73283
Metadata XML
Source University of Twente

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