Self-improvement and cooperation: How exchange relationships promote... (2012)

Titel Self-improvement and cooperation: How exchange relationships promote mastery-approach driven individuals' job outcomes
Gepubliceerd in European journal of work and organizational psychology, Vol. 21, p.392-425. ISSN 1359-432x.
Auteur Poortvliet, P. Marijn; Giebels, E.
Datum 2012
Type Artikel
Uitgever Psychology Press
Samenvatting In the present research we argue that mastery-approach goals may be beneficial in social achievement contexts because these goals lead to constructive exchange relationship building. An examination of three methodologically complementary studies revealed that mastery-approach goals lead to more cooperative and higher-quality exchange relationships than performance-approach goals and are, ultimately, associated with better job outcomes, as well. The results of a questionnaire study demonstrated that mastery-approach goals are more strongly related to cooperative motives and more weakly related to competitive motives than performance-approach goals. Furthermore, an experimental study indicated that mastery-approach driven individuals show a higher concern for others and are more strongly inclined to cooperate with an exchange partner when engaged in a complex reasoning task than performance-approach driven individuals. Finally, an organizational field study showed that team–member exchange mediates the effect of mastery-approach goals on job performance, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment
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Persistent Identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:28-80806
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Bron Universiteit Twente

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