Untargeted LC-Q-TOF mass spectrometry method for the detection of... (2009)

Titel Untargeted LC-Q-TOF mass spectrometry method for the detection of adulterations in skimmed-milk powder
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Separation Science, Vol. 32, No. 8, p.1216-1223. ISSN 1615-9306.
Auteur Cordewener, J.H.G.; Luykx, D.M.A.M.; Frankhuizen, R.; Bremer, M.G.E.G.; Hooijerink, H.; America, A.H.P.
Datum 2009
Trefwoord(en) RIKILT - Analyse & Ontwikkeling, RIKILT - Veiligheid & Gezondheid, PRI Bioscience, Extern overig, RIKILT - Analyse & Ontwikkeling, RIKILT - Safety & Health, PRI Bioscience, Extern other
Taal Engels
Type Artikel
Samenvatting A nontargeted protein identification method was developed to screen for adulterations in skimmed-milk powder (SMP). There are indications of falsified SMP content due to the addition of plant proteins. To demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of the developed comparative LC-MS method using a quadrupole TOF MS instrument, adulterated SMP samples were prepared by the addition of protein isolates of soy and pea to skimmed-milk before pasteurisation and evaporation. The comparative LC-MS approach enabled unequivocal discrimination of those SMP samples containing soy and pea protein from nonadulterated SMP. To identify the source of (plant) proteins present in the adulterated SMP, data-dependent LC-MS/MS was used in combination with an include list of differential peptides. Numerous peptides originating from the major seed proteins of soy (glycinin, beta-conglycin) and pea (legumin, vicilin) could be identified in this way
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Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-379988
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Bron Wageningen Universiteit & Researchcentrum

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