Feasibility study on the revision of Council Decision... (2011) Open access

Title Feasibility study on the revision of Council Decision 2009/470/EC (ex 90/424/EEC) on expenditure in the veterinary field with a view to develop a harmonized EU framework for cost and responsibility sharing schemes for animal diseases
Author Bergevoet, R.H.M.; Asseldonk, van M.A.P.M.; Bokma-Bakker, M.H.; Denormandie, N.; Elbers, A.R.W.; Koeijer, de A.A.; Marchot, P.; Saatkamp, H.W.; Santini, N.; Wilkens, E.
Date 2011
Reference(s) Epidemiologie, Crisiorganisatie en Diagnostiek, Leerstoelgroep Bedrijfseconomie, LEI Markt en Ketens, LR - Backoffice
Language English
Type Report
Publisher EU DG Sanco
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-406995
Metadata XML
Repository Wageningen University & Research Centre

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