Evaluation of an evaluation list for model complexity (2011)

Titel Evaluation of an evaluation list for model complexity
Auteur Voorn, van G.A.K.; Walvoort, D.J.J.
Datum 2011
Trefwoord(en) modellen, databanken, evaluatie, evenwicht, Wiskundige modellen, simulatiemodellen, models, databases, evaluation, equilibrium, Mathematical Models, Simulation Models
Taal Engels
Type Rapport
Uitgever Wageningen Universiteit
Samenvatting This study (‘WOt-werkdocument’) builds on the project ‘Evaluation model complexity’, in which a list has been developed to assess the ‘equilibrium’ of a model or database. This list compares the complexity of a model or database with the availability and quality of data and the application area. A model or database is said to be in equilibrium if the uncertainty in the predictions by the model or database is appropriately small for the intended application, while the data availability supports this complexity. In this study the prototype of the list is reviewed and tested by applying it to test cases. The review has been performed by modelling experts from within and outside Wageningen University & Research centre (Wageningen UR). The test cases have been selected form the scientific literature in order to evaluate the various elements of the list. The results are used to update the list to a new version.
Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:32-419546
Metadata XML
Bron Wageningen Universiteit & Researchcentrum

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