Influences of spoken word planning on speech recognition (2007)

Title Influences of spoken word planning on speech recognition
Published in Journal of Experimental Psychology A-Learning, Memory and Cognition, Vol. 33, p.900-913. ISSN 0278-7393.
Author Roelofs, A.P.A.; Ozdemir, R.; Levelt, W.J.M.
Date 2007
Type Article
Abstract In 4 chronometric experiments, influences of spoken word planning on speech recognition were examined. Participants were shown pictures while hearing a tone or a spoken word presented shortly after picture onset. When a spoken word was presented, participants indicated whether it contained a prespecified phoneme. When the tone was presented, they indicated whether the picture name contained the phoneme (Experiment 1) or they named the picture (Experiment 2). Phoneme monitoring latencies for the spoken words were shorter when the picture name contained the prespecified phoneme compared with when it did not. Priming of phoneme monitoring was also obtained when the phoneme was part of spoken nonwords (Experiment 3). However, no priming of phoneme monitoring was obtained when the pictures required no response in the experiment, regardless of monitoring latency (Experiment 4). These results provide evidence that an internal phonological pathway runs from spoken word planning to speech recognition and that active phonological encoding is a precondition for engaging the pathway.
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Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:22-2066/56273
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Source Radboud University Nijmegen

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