Native language influences on word recognition in a second language: A mega-study (2008)

Titel Native language influences on word recognition in a second language: A mega-study
Gepubliceerd in Journal of Experimental Psychology A-Learning, Memory and Cognition, Vol. 34, p.12-31. ISSN 0278-7393.
Auteur Lemhöfer, K.M.L.; Dijkstra, A.F.J.; Schriefers, H.J.; Baayen, R.H.; Grainger, J.; Zwitserlood, C.M.E.
Datum 2008
Type Artikel
Samenvatting Many studies have reported that word recognition in a second language (L2) is affected by the native language (L1). However, little is known about the role of the specific language combination of the bilinguals. To investigate this issue, the authors administered a word identification task (progressive demasking) on 1,025 monosyllabic English (L2) words to native speakers of French, German, and Dutch. A regression approach was adopted, including a large number of within- and between-language variables as predictors. A substantial overlap of reaction time patterns was found across the groups of bilinguals, showing that word recognition results obtained for one group of bilinguals generalize to bilinguals with different mother tongues. Moreover, among the set of significant predictors, only one between-language variable was present (cognate status): all others reflected characteristics of the target language. Thus, although influences across languages exist, word recognition in L2 by proficient bilinguals is primarily determined by within-language factors, whereas cross-language effects appear to be limited. An additional comparison of the bilingual data with a native control group showed that there are subtle but significant differences between L1 and L2 processing.
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Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:22-2066/67686
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Bron Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

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