Self-questioning in the literature classroom: effects on students’... (2009)

Titel Self-questioning in the literature classroom: effects on students’ interpretation and appreciation of short stories
Gepubliceerd in L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature, Vol. 9, No. 1, p.91-116. ISSN 15676617.
Auteur T. Janssen; M. Braaksma; M. Couzijn
Universiteit Universiteit van Amsterdam
Datum 2009
Type Artikel
Samenvatting In this study we examined the effects of self-questioning on students’ interpretation and appreciation of complex short stories. Two experiments were carried out, in which tenth grade students from different secondary schools participated. In Experiment 1 self-questioning instruction was compared to instructor-made questions about stories. In Experiment 2 two forms of self-questioning instruction were compared: an unguided and a guided form. Literature discussions in peer groups formed a substantial part of all conditions. Results showed that (unguided) self-questioning had a positive effect on students’ appreciation of literary stories, compared to instructor-prepared questions and to guided self-questioning. The results for quality of interpretation were more diffuse. In Experiment 1 effects on students’ story interpretation could not be established. In Experiment 2 a main effect on story interpretation was found for both the guided and unguided form of self-questioning instruction. In addition, students’ reading experience appeared to be important for the effectiveness of the unguided self-questioning condition: avid readers tended to benefit more from this condition than infrequent readers. We conclude that an open literature approach, based on ‘authentic’ student-generated questions in response to short stories, can be beneficial for students’ story interpretation and appreciation.
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Persistent Identifier urn:nbn:nl:ui:29-341703
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Bron Universiteit van Amsterdam

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