Immunolocalization of B-50 (GAP-43 in the mouse olfactory... (1992)

Title Immunolocalization of B-50 (GAP-43 in the mouse olfactory bulb: predominant presence in preterminal axons
Published in Journal of neurocytology, Vol. 21, No. 2, p.853-. ISSN 0300-4864.
Author Gispen, W.H.; Ramakers, G.J.A.; Verhaagen, J.; Oestreicher, A.B.; Margolis, F.L.; Bergen en Henegouwen, P.M.P. van
Date 1992
Language English
Type Article
Publisher Chapman and Hall
Persistent Identifier URN:NBN:NL:UI:10-1874-3816
Metadata XML
Source Utrecht University

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