Excavation Tell Hamman


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Titel Excavation Tell Hamman
Looptijd 04 / 1992 - onbekend
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1246333
Leverancier gegevens Website UL

Samenvatting (EN)

The research project began in the eighties in order to provide a well-stratified guideline for the settlement history of the region; since then other excavations have joined in the concerted reconstruction of a stratigraphically controlled regional occupation history (Chuera, Dameshliyye, Sabi Abyad, Tell Bi`a etc.). A second aim of the project was the elucidation of the region's role in well-documented international trade networks during the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000 - 1600 BC), and the effects such a role might have had on local social and economic structures. The excavations are carried out with the help of students from Leiden University and other institutions acting as site-supervisors; specialists in the fields of palaeobotany and archaeozoology from Groningen University, as well as Assyriologists from Leiden treat the finds with respect to sustenance and diet, agriculture and pastoralism and the written records of the ancient populations throughout their various culture periods.

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Projectleider Dr. D.J.W. Meijer

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