Technological regime shifts to environmental sustainability


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Title Technological regime shifts to environmental sustainability
Period 01 / 1998 - 99 / 2003
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1268845


I) Development of a theoretical framework on technological regime shifts, II) development of a methodology of socio-technical scenarios, using the developed theoretical framework, III) application of the scenario methodology to two complex fields: transport and energy production. The socio-technical scenarios consist of a description of plausible development paths, including processes of niche formation and proliferation, regime change, and pressures of and implications for the techno-economic paradigm. In the scenarios technological change is endogenized: it depends on government policies, learning economies and institutional adaptations. This means that the interactions between technology and the social context are the focus of attention.

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Researcher K. Raschka
Project leader F.W. Geels
Project leader Prof.dr. R.P.M. Kemp
Project leader Prof.dr. A. Rip


D14000 Technology
D14440 Sanitary engineering
D14900 Technology assessment
D42000 Political and administrative sciences
E13000 Development studies

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