History, memory and identity: Wolayta, Ethiopia, 1893-2000


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Title History, memory and identity: Wolayta, Ethiopia, 1893-2000
Period 01 / 2000 - 01 / 2006
Status Completed
Research number OND1273958
Data Supplier Website ASC


This project is a study of history, memory and identity struggle in Wolayta, a region within Ethiopia and a former kingdom. It is partly based on archival study and fieldwork. The topic is relevant for an understanding of processes of state formation, ethno-regional identity politics and local response in 20th century Ethiopia. The issues addressed include the methodological problems of reconstructing the history and memory of the past, the revival of ethno-regional and linguistic identity and the changing system of ethnic relations in the Omotic-speaking regions of southern Ethiopia.

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Project leader Prof.dr. G.J. Abbink


D34000 History
D42000 Political and administrative sciences
E13000 Development studies

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