Mohammed Abed al-Jabri: An Islamic rational way of life


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Title Mohammed Abed al-Jabri: An Islamic rational way of life
Period 09 / 1999 - 12 / 2003
Status Completed
Research number OND1275911
Data Supplier Website NOSTER


This project is part of the broader research project "Why are human beings on earth". Mohammed Abed al-jabri (1936-) is a contemporary Moroccan thinker. He is famous for his large project 'The critique of the Arab Mind'. His maintheme, the reinstallment of rationality in Arab Thought, is criticized as well as welcomed both in- and outside the Arab world. The aim of this study is to analyse the anthropological background of al-Jabri's philosophical ideas. The extracted views on human life will be compared to humanist, hindoeist,Buddhist and Christian anthropologies.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. H.M. Vroom
Supervisor Prof.dr. A. Wessels
Researcher Drs. T. Visser


D33000 Theology and religious studies

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