Online Reverse Auctions for Procurement of Services


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Titel Online Reverse Auctions for Procurement of Services
Looptijd 01 / 2001 - 10 / 2008
Status Afgesloten
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1276442

Samenvatting (EN)

Due to the convergence of IT and telecommunication, and the proliferation and availability of bandwidth, the impact of electronic markets and auctions is growing rapidly. Their effectiveness, however, is dependent on their design. Existing research in this new area provides examples of relevant issues supporting an effective design. What is lacking, however, is a systematic validation of various complex variables of the design of electronic markets and auctions. The research objectives are: (I) to investigate Electronic Markets and Auctions from a practical and theoretical perspective; (II) to develop a conceptual model to describe factors relevant to successes and failures of Electronic Markets and Auctions; (III) to investigate the proposed model empirically. Central questions in the research are: (I) What are characteristics of Electronic Markets and Auctions, and how do they fit into a typology of markets? What are successful Electronic Markets and Auction? (II) What factors are responsible for the success or failure of Electronic Markets and Auctions? How are these factors related, and why? (III) How can the empirically validated model be used in practice for the design of Electronic Markets and Auctions?

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