Soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics under different land use...


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Title Soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics under different land use histories in North Cameroon: implications on the sustainability of the environment
Period 05 / 2001 - unknown
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1279968


Context: Study of the sustainability of the major types of land use in the semi-arid North Cameroon, in support of land use planning.
Aim: Identification of the impacts of various types of land use on chemical and physical soil properties controlling soil fertility, and of alternative methods to sustain or improve this fertility, with particular emphasis on the role of organic matter.
Methods: Comparative study of plots, soil chemical and physical analyses, size fractionation of organic matter, experimental study of litter decomposition.
Topics: Decomposition of above- and below-ground litter (crops and trees), properties and origin of organic matter fractions (size fractions), potential for agro-forestry, impacts of various types of land management.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. J. Sevink
Researcher Prof.dr. W. de Groot
Project leader Dr. F. Obale
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. F. Obale


D15100 Geochemistry, geophysics
D18130 Soil
D18210 Agriculture and horticulture
D18240 Forestry
E13000 Development studies

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