Biografie van Aad van Wijngaarden


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Titel Biografie van Aad van Wijngaarden
Looptijd 05 / 2000 - 05 / 2004
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1280542

Samenvatting (EN)

From dropping a possible dissertation in 1945 because it simply lacked beauty to setting his stamp of mathematical elegance on the programming language Algol68, in 1968 indeed, Aad van Wijngaarden strang a career which brought him international recognition and award. It made him founding father of 'informatica', computer science in the Netherlands. Hence a biography will excavate one important line in the history of 'informatica', a history hitherto superficially explored from various perspectives. Though engineer by training Van Wijngaarden would cultivate the mathematical side of computing, first in numerical analysis, then in programming languages and finally in design principles of languages. This paradoxical preference typically reflects the evolution of computer science in (smaller) European countries. Thus, conversely, the story of Van Wijngaarden promises insight into some characteristic traits of 'informatica' as it results from the historical process.

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Onderzoeker Dr. G. Alberts
Projectleider Prof.dr. J.W. de Bakker


D32100 Geschiedenis en filosofie van natuurwetenschappen en techniek

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