Theorizing democratic governance


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Title Theorizing democratic governance
Period 01 / 1998 - 01 / 2004
Status Completed
Research number OND1280651


Processes of democratic change and strategic renewal in networks of organizations and institutions: - Describing and explaining use of power and politics in these processes by actors in these networks; - Searching for barriers and factors of success in broad systems change and inter-oranizational learning; - Exploring dynamics of organizing and learning in processes of interaction and sensemaking by actors; - Developing and facilitating processes of democratic governance and inter-organizational learning.

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Researcher Prof.dr. M. Fennema
Researcher Dr. E.M. Gomart
Researcher Dr. H. van de Graaf
Researcher Prof.dr. J. Grin
Researcher Dr. L.F.M. Groot
Researcher Prof.dr. M.A. Hajer
Researcher Dr. R.J. van der Veen
Project leader Prof.dr. J.J. Boonstra


D42000 Political and administrative sciences

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