Pharmacological processes involved in the release and action of different...


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Title Pharmacological processes involved in the release and action of different mediators such as serotonin, eicosanoids and cytokines
Period 01 / 1988 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1281073
Data Supplier METIS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


The present programme is devoted to the investigation of the role of endogenous mediators in the regulation of important autonomic organs (heart and blood vessels, lungs, gastrointestinal tract), and the effects of drugs on these organs, in both animals and humans under physiological as well as pathophysiological circumstances. Various in vivo (animal) and in vitro (human and animal cells and tissues) experimental models are studied using biochemical, molecular biological and pharmacological techniques. It is hoped that these investigations will lead to a better understanding of the mode of action of different drugs, and their interaction with endogenous mediators, in diseases such as migraine, hypertension, myocardial ischaemia, heart failure, asthma and bowel inflammation. Moreover, the new knowledge may provide a better insight into the physiological regulation of various biological processes underlying the pathogenesis of the above diseases, thus contributing towards improved pharmacotherapy.

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Project leader Prof.dr. A.H.J. Danser
Project leader Prof.dr. P.R. Saxena
Project leader Dr. R.G. Schoemaker
Project leader Dr. H.S. Sharma
Project leader Dr. F.J. Zijlstra


D21300 Biochemistry
D23220 Internal medicine
D23340 Biopharmacology, toxicology

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