Developmental biology; pathophysiology of the newborn


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Title Developmental biology; pathophysiology of the newborn
Period 01 / 1988 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1281085
Data Supplier METIS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


Growth and development of the fetus, the transition of the fetus to the newborn and growth and development of the newborn infant are among the most critical periods in human life. Pertubations of the normal development in these critical periods can cause temporary or persistent effects. Knowledge of the normal development is essential for the evaluation of an abnormal pattern of development. Abnormal growth and development is mainly seen in groups of infants like preterm infants. Our research therefore focusses on these infants, but also on normal and sick term infants and infants with inherited metabolic disease.
1. Substrate utilization, metabolism, nutrition and body composition of the preterm and term newborn.
2. Follow-up of infants admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit.
3. Neonatal lung development and surfactant metabolism.
4. Neonatal pharmacology; developmental and neonatal pharmacology.
5. Effects of pollutants in the environment on the development of newborns and infants.
6. The development of alpha-glucosidase as a therapeutic for patients with Pompe disease.

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D21700 Physiology
D23340 Biopharmacology, toxicology
D23361 Neonatology

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