Determinants of population health


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Title Determinants of population health
Period 01 / 1988 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1281209
Data Supplier METIS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


The focus of this research programme is on the explanation of patterns of disease and mortality in populations. Three questions are addressed: - How can (changes in) patterns of disease and mortality be measured effectively? - What factors determine these (changes in) patterns? - To what extent can health policy influence these patterns of disease and mortality? Four groups of determinants are being studied: - social factors, such as socioeconomic status and marital status; - demographic factors, such as ageing; - work-related factors; - medical care.

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Project leader Prof.dr. A. Burdorf
Project leader Prof.dr. P.J. van der Maas
Project leader Prof.dr. J.P. Mackenbach


D23370 Social medicine
D23390 Occupational medicine
D24200 Health education, prevention

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