Cell biological and pathophysiological investigations on pulmonary diseases


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Title Cell biological and pathophysiological investigations on pulmonary diseases
Period 01 / 1988 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1281216
Data Supplier METIS Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


Investigations of immunological, cell biological processes in inflammation, transplantation and malignancies in the lungs are performed to get insight into the contribution of inflammatory cells and mediators. Emphasis is on the antigen presenting cell as a major contributor to the inflammatory process in obstructive and interstitial pulmonary diseases and as target and tool for therapy. Pathophysiological investigations are performed to increase our understanding of structure function elationships in the lungs. In this programme investigations are done in animal models and in humans. The effects of therapeutic interventions on cell biological processes and structural and functional properties of the lungs are also under investigation.

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Project leader Prof.dr. J.M. Bogaard
Project leader Prof.dr. H.C. Hoogsteden
Project leader Prof.dr. J.B. Prins


D21500 Histology, cell biology
D21700 Physiology
D21800 Immunology, serology
D23220 Internal medicine

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