Student motivation in comprehensive science education


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Title Student motivation in comprehensive science education
Period 07 / 2002 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1286209


In the Netherlands only a small number of experimental comprehensive schools have been established. The experience with science education in such schools is important in view of the new core curriculum that has to be taught in all schools from 1993 onwards. Of particular importance is the question whether the same curriculum can sufficiently motivate the whole ability range of students during a longer period of time (grades 7-9) and will result in sufficient and sufficiently differentiated learning outcomes. Therefore, a case study is done in one comprehensive school in which the students' motivation for science education and their cognitive learning is followed through their first three years by means of questionnaires, teacher and student interviews, classroom observations etc. Particular attention will be given to possible correlations in cognitive and affective development patterns of students, when they are - in retrospect - grouped according to ability.

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Project leader Dr. R.J. Genseberger
Project leader Prof.dr. H.P. Hooymayers
Project leader Prof.dr. P.L. Lijnse


D10000 Science and technology
D52000 Educational theory

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